URGENT ALERT: Don’t let the liberal RINO’s and Democrats steal this election! – Kyle Biedermann ­


URGENT ALERT: Don’t let the liberal RINO’s and Democrats steal this election!

February 26, 2018


This has been a very heated House race. My opponent is supported by many in the liberal Austin establishment as well as many liberal organizations here in Fredericksburg, including our local newspaper.

His campaign is so desperate that (with the help of Doug Miller and his liberal allies) they are actively encouraging Democrat voters to cross over into our Republican primary!  As conservatives we cannot allow liberal Republicans and Democrats backed by Austin lobbyists and insiders to take away our voice!

The reason I am writing you is to expose the liberal media bias that we have become all too familiar with as conservatives. Our local editor has refused to give me a chance to respond to his relentless attacks on my proud conservative record.  I made you promises during the campaign and, unlike most politicians, I kept them!

When asked by my campaign to allow us to purchase space for a response, his response was, “Not Interested…” Below is my op-ed that he refused to print:

The recent Editor’s political diatribe, accusing me of not caring about our teachers, was a sad indictment on the current state of our media and press and the divisiveness it causes.

We can agree to disagree whether to borrow billions of dollars to put into a broken school system but being disrespectful is beneath this community. This school finance problem is decades old and neither I nor Empower Texans had anything to do with it. The local school boards and administrators have a budget to work with each year and they make the decisions whether to prioritize teachers and students or administration, facilities, programs, etc.

If school districts want more money from the state it needs to be budgeted for and the legislature for the last decade under Speaker Straus has failed to prioritize public education in the budget process hoping instead to be able to borrow from our children’s future or raise property taxes. It’s time to be honest that we have a spending problem. State spending should be focused on teachers and the classroom not on bureaucracy, testing, administration or expensive buildings and facilities.  

Our local Editor has repeatedly shown himself out of touch with our conservative German community on many issues, including taxes, spending, immigration, Sharia law, abortion and our second amendment.

Yes, I am a conservative. This should be no surprise to anyone, including this paper’s editor. It’s what I ran on as a candidate two years ago. I kept true to my word and I am pleased to announce that I was independently ranked as the 8th most conservative legislator in the State (out of 150)

As a founding member of the Freedom Caucus, I was recently named a “Courageous Conservative” by the Texas Conservative Coalition, and have proudly received the endorsements of statewide organizations like Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, Texas Right to Life, Grassroots America – We The People, and Texas Values Action as well as Senator Ted Cruz.

Together we can be proud of major victories this session as conservatives. And while my opponent, backed by the liberal media, attacks my record it only shows their lack of knowledge and understanding of the legislative process. The Texas House of Representatives is a lot larger (9th largest economy in the world) and more complex than our local school board or other boards he sits on.

This legislative session was a success, despite opposition from liberal republican leadership and a Speaker who worked against our values. We accomplished a great deal, but there is still much to be done. This is why I look forward to returning to the Capitol as your State Representative to continue to fight for you. The tide is turning in Texas, and great strides have been made to ensure a more conservative Speaker is selected next session who will prioritize our teachers both current and retired in the budget process and not use them as political chess pieces to grow government and debt.  

With new leadership in the Texas House and more seniority I will be able to better move our conservative agenda forward, and now is not the time to give up. We need more conservatives in Austin, not less. A true Statesman doesn’t try to be liked by all but stands on proven principles and values in the face of opposition.

I invite all in the community who would like to be involved, or provide input to call me on my cell at (830) 998-7111. We need your support for this campaign to be successful!

Remember, as conservatives, our voices are heard the loudest in the voting booth!

Please join my campaign in these final days and vote today to send me back to Austin so I can fight for you! As your State Representative, I promise I will unapologetically stand against the liberal Austin establishment for our conservative values!

Early voting ends on March 2nd, get out and vote today.  Primary is Tuesday, March 6th!

God Bless.

Kyle Biedermann

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