RPT Cenotaph Resolution Information

July 14, 2020

The Cenotaph Resolution to the RPT Convention is necessary due to the blatant disregard by our Republican leadership for the Republican delegates who voted to protect the Cenotaph and the voice of republicans voters. 

Republicans shouldn’t let Republicans move the Cenotaph. 


June 2018-   At RPT Convention Plank# 296 overwhelmingly passed which stated,

 “ the Cenotaph shall not be removed from its present site”, 

Aug 30, 2018- The Alamo Citizen Advisory Committee voted to approve the latest version of the Alamo Plaza Master Plan and voted to advance it. Among the list of changes, the plan includes moving the Cenotaph 500 feet from its current spot. 

Applauding the move, Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush released a statement:

“Today’s vote by the Citizens Advisory Committee is an encouraging step forward in our effort to preserve and restore the Alamo and its battleground for generations of Texans to come. There is no greater defining symbol of Texas than the Alamo. The Alamo plan protects the sacred ground and reclaims history lost to the ages.”

Sept 4, 2018– The Management Committee voted in favor of the Alamo Master Plan which includes moving the Cenotaph.  The members were:  

Wm. Eugene Powell, Alamo Endowment

Ramona Bass, Alamo Endowment

Bryan Preston, GLO communications director

Hector Valle, GLO legal counsel 

Sheryl Sculley, SA City manager. 

Roberto Treviño SA City Council 

Oct 3, 2018–   San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg and Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush signed a resolution agreeing to changes to the Alamo grounds. Including moving the Cenotaph.  Both of them have veto power. 

Bush said, “It’s time now for all Texans to come together regardless of our background. We’ve had our say. But now it’s time to move forward with the master plan,” 

Oct 18, 2018-  After listening to 44 speakers, 40 who were against the plan, the San Antonio City council voted 9-2 in favor of a long list of changes including controversial elements, such as moving the Cenotaph 500 feet south to a location outside the footprint of the historic fort and mission.  

The council vote also included the approval of a 50-year lease that gives management and control of the plaza, though still owned by the City of SA , to the Land Office, which operates the state-owned Alamo buildings.

86th Legislative session

Feb 14, 2019- HB1836 filed. This bill not to move the cenotaph didn’t get a vote in the Recreation & Tourism committee chaired by Republican Rep John Cyrier.

March 5th, 2019- GLO asked to testify in front of the Land & Resource Management Committee which oversees the GLO.  Commissioner Bush and Mayor Nirenberg refused to testify. 

May 2019 – Monument bill. Senate Bill 1663, the Monument bill including protection of the Cenotaph, authored by Senator Brandon Creighton, passed the Texas Senate in a 19-12 vote.  It later died in the Republican led house. https://capitol.texas.gov/BillLookup/History.aspx?LegSess=86R&Bill=SB1663

Dec 12, 2019– Resolution for Protection of the Alamo. Posted by Morgan Lloyd. 

WHEREAS, Senate Bill 1663, authored by SD4 Senator Brandon Creighton, passed the Texas Senate in a 19-12 vote of the Texas 86th Legislature; and

WHEREAS, we recognize the effort of our State Republican House Caucus to pass the House version of Senate Bill 1663; and

WHEREAS, Senate Bill 1663 was killed in committee despite the overwhelming passage within the Senate; and

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Republican Party of Texas decries efforts by those desiring to “Reimagine the Alamo”; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Republican Party of Texas send a strong message to our Texas leaders as well as the City of San Antonio concerning the movement of the Alamo Cenotaph: our beloved Alamo Cenotaph should “Not Be Moved, Not One Inch!”; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this resolution be sent to the Culture, Recreation, and Tourism Committee and to the office of Land Commissioner George P. Bush, Daughters of the Republic of Texas, and to all members of the Texas Legislature.

Dec 11th, 2019- Rep Biedermann sends Letter to Gov to save Alamo/Cenotaph. https://kylebiedermann.com/rep-biedermann-urges-governor-abbott-and-appeals-to-texans-to-save-the-alamo/

December 2019- Texas Historical Commission hearing- The final permit needed to start dismantling and relocating the Cenotaph is tabled by the committee after hearing from over 40 citizens.

March 3 2020– Republican Party primary election. Prop 7 passed by over 97% 

March 5, 2020- Lt Gov Dan Patrick has a press release condemning the state of the Alamo Project. 

June 4th, 2020- Rep Biedermann writes another letter to Gov to save Alamo/Cenotaph. https://kylebiedermann.com/biedermann-writes-letter-to-abbott-on-alamo-cenotaph/

June 14-15–  Texas Historical Commission hearings- final permit to move the Cenotaph was taken off the agenda.  

June 15,2020 – Dan Patrick further criticizes George P. Bush. https://www.expressnews.com/news/politics/texas_legislature/article/Lt-Gov-Dan-Patrick-escalates-Alamo-clash-with-15341891.php

June 20, 2020. Cenotaph RPT convention resolution passes unanimously at SD 9 convention. Resolution… We condemn any plan to move or remove the Alamo Cenotaph from it’s current place of prominence on the Alamo Battlefield. 

Quotes –  From the City of San Antonio

San Antonio Mayor Nirenberg  said “I think everyone who shed blood in the defense of liberty and the things that they believe in, on both sides, ought to be honored, and that’s exactly what the intent of this redevelopment plan is…”

Rep Diego Bernal, when he was San Antonio City Councilman, he said “I think the story has been told in a very racialized, unsophisticated way and we are changing that.”

San Antonio Councilman Roberto Trevino whose council district contains the Alamo, praised the commission’s decision: “I look forward to the next step which will result in the complete telling of the history of the Alamo for the first time.

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