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Representative Biedermann Prepares for 86th Legislative Session

July 18, 2018

Rep. Biedermann Prepares for the 86th Legislative Session

Representative Kyle Biedermann’s office has been hosting meetings across the district with local officials and constituents addressing prominent issues to House District 73. These meetings offer valuable insight as he prepares for the 86th Legislative Session.

Water and planning for growth are high priorities in our District, therefore, Rep. Biedermann is reviewing the template for Municipal Utility Districts (MUDS) to help counties manage growth, as well as incompatible land use.

The City of Fredericksburg and Gillespie County are actively preparing for our needs as the community grows.  Paul Tybor has a firm handle on the wells being permitted. The City of Fredericksburg was successful in its initiative to protect and conserve our water supply by implementing a “leak detection program” that has reduced leakage in the city’s potable water lines from 12% to less than 2% and will help sustain our drinking water supply for several years of population growth. Representative Biedermann applauds this effort and added, “While the savings from this program are significant, we should keep in mind that surrounding counties are growing rapidly, and their water needs may impede upon our supply.  Our planning needs to account for this.” County representatives acknowledged the broadband telecommunication issue, and commissioners reported that the county is moving forward with efforts to identify solutions that will increase technology access to residents and visitors. The county also expressed concerns about stormwater runoff as development in the county increases.  Representative Biedermann is continuing to gather information as he works to prioritize his official legislative agenda for the 86th legislative session. Next month’s meeting will focus on developing a joint city/county stormwater plan.

Rep. Biedermann appreciates the insights from, Mayor, Linda Langerhans; City Manager, Kent Myers; Assistant City Manager, Clinton Bailey; Councilman, Charlie Kiehne; County Commissioner, Donnie Schuch; County Commissioner, Charles Olfers; and Paul Tybor, Hill Country Underground Water Conservation District during these meetings.  Rep. Biedermann states, “I am encouraged by our communication and am confident that by continuing our efforts to work together, we will have a very positive impact on the future of our community.”

Rep. Biedermann’s office will continue to host meetings across the district with local officials and constituents on issues for House District 73 and our region. If you have an issue, solution or idea that you want to share, please email or contact his office at 512-463-0325.

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