Representative Biedermann Meets with Edwards Aquifer Authority – Kyle Biedermann ­


Representative Biedermann Meets with Edwards Aquifer Authority

September 10, 2018

The Edwards Aquifer is an integral natural resource in our district, and we must work to protect it for current and future generations. Many of my constituents in District 73 are asking important questions pertaining to their drinking water. I want to ensure that the various regulatory agencies and other parties having responsibilities for the planning, permitting and providing of surface water and groundwater have comprehensive public outreach programs for the public.

Last week, I met with members of the Edwards Aquifer Authority (EAA) to discuss a number of topics, including the creation of the EAA, the cap and trading of Edwards Aquifer water rights, the inspection of abandoned/deteriorated and active Edwards Aquifer water wells, the permitting of groundwater wells involving groundwater districts, the diversification of available water resources, the availability and quality of Edwards Aquifer wells, possible legislation and more.

My office will continue to work closely with the Edwards Aquifer Authority and other surface water and groundwater agencies to be sure they are working for long term supply and quality of our water.


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