Rep. Biedermann Supports HB 49, To end Daylight Savings Time – Kyle Biedermann ­


Rep. Biedermann Supports HB 49, To end Daylight Savings Time

March 9, 2019

“On March 10th Texans state wide will be forced to lose sleep, face adverse health affects, overcome increased travel dangers, and deal with higher numbers of work-related accidents. Moms and dads will have to deal with the misery of their kids’ schedules and routines being thrown off overnight. A government mandated time change is what happens when a handful of people force their hand on everyone else. For all of those elected officials who have ignored the desires of the people I have a song for you “The Times They Are a Changin.” I am supporting a bill to stop this absurd idea of changing the time twice a year, a bill that represents the interests of the people I serve. I will always represent the interest of Texans and their liberty. I am asking everyone on Monday and Tuesday when you feel like you didn’t sleep well, you’re dragging at work, and your kids are struggling from the time change; grab your phone and contact your state rep! Call or email them, tell them to get HB49 passed! Fixing this problem only needs your voice.”- State Representative Kyle Biedermann 

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