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Rep. Biedermann Stands Firm for Alamo

September 11, 2018

Alamo“I believe it is imperative for Commissioner Bush to delay his vote in order to ensure Texas sovereignty over the future of the Alamo.

This Alamo Plan and the current agreement must not be approved. The most startling point of concern is the long term lease agreement with the City of San Antonio giving them the “ability to monitor compliance” and the requirement in that lease that the GLO must prioritize “the World Heritage Site nomination and designation” of United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

As Texans, we should not allow an international body to impose on our most sacred of sites. We must never allow international actors to revise or sanitize our history. Texas has a proud independent history and our story must remain free from international review.

The current Alamo Plan will also move the Cenotaph into the ‘Free Speech Area’ where it cannot be protected and will be open to protest and disrespect. I am deeply troubled knowing the Tomb of the Alamo defenders, the Cenotaph, will be moved 500 ft away and outside the Alamo walls. This must not be allowed.

The vote on the long term lease agreement must be delayed. The sanctity of the Alamo, the protection of the Cenotaph and the torch of Texas History rests in Commissioner Bush’s hands, and hinges on his vote.” –  State Representative Kyle Biedermann

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