Promises Made. Promises Kept!

June 19, 2017


Fel­low Patriot!

I am proud to announce that, by stick­ing to our guns, we have forced the leg­is­la­ture to make seri­ous steps towards enact­ing our con­ser­v­a­tive agenda!

These are the things we accom­plished by stick­ing by our prin­ci­ples this session:

  1. Sanc­ti­ty of Life: As co-author of SB‑8, we deliv­ered sev­er­al sub­stan­tial pro-life vic­to­ries this ses­sion, including:

  • Ban­ning par­tial-birth abor­tions and pro­hibit­ing the sale of fetal tis­sues and organs (this was nec­es­sary to enforce fed­er­al law here in Texas)

  • Pro­vid­ing for the dis­po­si­tion of fetal remains

  • Pro­hibit­ing abor­tion by the method of dismemberment

  1. Bor­der Secu­ri­ty: Deliv­er­ing upon my com­mit­ment, I filed HB 2137 to form an Inter­state Bor­der Secu­ri­ty Com­pact. The bill would allow the State of Texas to enforce fed­er­al immi­gra­tion law, ensur­ing the safe­ty of our cit­i­zens as Tex­ans, regard­less of the Fed­er­al Government’s inabil­i­ty to take action. Texas must lead.

  1. Ille­gal Immi­gra­tion & Sanc­tu­ary Cities: I co-authored SB 4 and suc­cess­ful­ly fought to make the bill stronger. This ‘Sanc­tu­ary Cities bill’ was suc­cess­ful­ly signed by Gov­er­nor Abbott on May 7th and will be effec­tive on 9/1/17.

  • SB 4 will strength­en state sov­er­eign­ty in enforc­ing immi­gra­tion law by cre­at­ing penal­ties for local enti­ties and cam­pus police depart­ments who sup­port Sanc­tu­ary Cities!

  • Indi­vid­u­als found act­ing against immi­gra­tion law will now be held liable per­son­al­ly and finan­cial­ly! The penal­ty will range from $1,000 to $25,500 and will be deposit­ed into the Com­pen­sa­tion to Vic­tims of Crime account.

  • Allows the Attor­ney Gen­er­al to peti­tion for removal of a vio­lat­ing pub­lic official.

  • Cre­ates a grant pro­gram in the Office of the Gov­er­nor to pro­vide assis­tance to off­set costs for full immi­gra­tion enforcement.

  1. Tax­es and Spend­ing: We deliv­ered a con­ser­v­a­tive bud­get that did NOT increase tax­es and spend­ing was kept below pop­u­la­tion and infla­tion growth.

  • Most pro-life bud­get in Texas his­to­ry; includ­ing defund­ing Planned Par­ent­hood and its affiliates.

  • Teach­ers retire­ment and health­care pro­grams received much need­ed addi­tion­al funds

  • Bor­der secu­ri­ty fund­ing is main­tained despite oppo­si­tion by some Repub­li­cans and Democrats

  • Edu­ca­tion spend­ing ade­quate­ly meets enroll­ment growth, and (unlike the ini­tial House bud­get) does not skip or defer pay­ments to the Foun­da­tion School Pro­gram or bor­row from the Rainy Day Fund for ongo­ing expenses

Today is the first day of fundrais­ing, and I need your support!

Please con­sid­er match­ing what you have pre­vi­ous­ly giv­en by mak­ing that same dona­tion today, or some­thing larg­er. Every dona­tion makes a big difference!

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God Bless you,


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