Kyle Biedermann’s Plan To Secure Our Border

December 2, 2015

I just returned from a border tour and do you know that our federal government has posted signs in many languages, INCLUDING CHINESE, to assist criminal illegal aliens crossing the border? You heard me right, CHINESE.

As a border state, Texas has much at stake if we continue the failed policies of the past. The US is the only civilized nation that does not secure its border. This must change and it will be my #1 priority.

Securing the border will take much more than words or campaign slogans, it will take deliberate and serious action.  It’s not to keep people out, and it’s certainly not to be anti legal immigration. In a post 9-11 world securing the border is simple: it’s all about knowing who is coming in, when and why.


ENFORCE THE LAW: First and foremost, we need to enforce our current laws.

END SANCTUARY CITIES: We need to immediately end Sanctuary Cities.

STOP REWARDING LAWBREAKERS: We need to end the incentives to come here illegally.  It needs to be communicated clearly that there will not be any benefits, jobs or amnesty for illegals.

HIRE LEGALLY: Employers need to be fined for hiring illegals by using an E-verify system.

SUPPORT LEGAL IMMIGRATION: Reform the legal immigration system including expanding green card opportunities and work visas.

SECURE THE TEXAS BORDER: The Federal Government has failed us and has no will to protect our state or our country.  I will support SB 1252 the “Interstate Compact for Border Security”, which recognizes that each state is responsible for monitoring, detection, apprehension, and detainment of unauthorized border crossers to enforce existing federal immigration  laws.  This bill passed the senate last session but was held up in the house committee and never got to the floor for a vote.

Isn’t it odd that we spend billions of dollars every year to secure the borders of other countries, thousands of miles away, yet we have holes through our own border and tunnels under it, that are  large enough to drive a bus through?

It is unfortunate that any discussion about Border Security turns into personal attacks on US citizens who are footing the bill for other people breaking the laws of our country.  It is even more tragic that our Federal Government also chooses not to enforce the current laws of our country.

The fact is, the Mexican Government, the terrorists and the drug cartels are the bad guys.

They are profiting from those who are wanting to come the US for a better life fueled by the hope for amnesty from this White House. The cartels with their coyotes charge thousands of dollars to bring illegals of all races and backgrounds across the border whether they make it here alive or not.  They don’t care if they are drug smugglers, child abusers, murderers, criminals, human traffickers or terrorists.

As I said earlier, I just returned from a border tour and do you know that our federal government has posted signs in many languages, INCLUDING CHINESE, to assist criminal illegal aliens crossing the border? You heard me right. CHINESE.

Did you know that in previous years, more than 7,500 illegal aliens who came illegally across our Southern Border hailed from places like Iraq, Syria, Iran and Sudan, including state sponsors of terrorism. Then once they arrive, some ‘Sanctuary Cities’ are issuing these unknown criminal illegal aliens false identities.

In the battle against border insanity, Texas state policy MUST be the first line of defense. We must stand firm and enact commonsense policy not just for Texas, but for the safety of the entire nation. A broken border paired with ‘Sanctuary City’ legislation is telling illegal aliens, criminals and terrorists alike, ‘Break the law and get to the United States as fast as you can. When you do, we will take care of you and issue you an identity; any identity.’

Among the September 11th terrorists, 19 of them had more than 60 driver’s licenses and over 300 aliases and identifications. They went to other states with lax identification laws and that’s why the U.S. Congress enacted the Real ID Act, to save lives. Supporters of an open and broken border have essentially voted to forget all that and instead empower criminal illegal aliens and even terrorist thugs looking to game our system and worse, harm Americans.

While the Mexican Government takes bribes,  the US and Texas Governments are  also to blame for allowing the lawlessness, giving incentives to those that come here illegally and giving sanctuary to the law breaking illegals.  This is insanity.

Legal immigrants deserve a better way to be welcomed into the US safely and with dignity.

I was honored to see for myself the harmful effects of an unsecure border when I recently spent a weekend with the Texas Border Volunteers whose mission is to “assist law enforcement officials with securing the border, upholding the rule of law and educating the general public with regard to immigration issues and influence legislation at the local, state and federal level.”  These men and women stand watch to assist law enforcement and to protect landowners property and also save the lives of those illegals who are left to die by the coyotes.

I Pledge to make Border Security my #1 priority as your State Representative.

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