Taxes and Spending

  • We need to prioritize state spending to only core functions of government.
  • We must reign in government spending and taxation to keep Texas a place where all citizens have the chance to succeed.
  • We need to start by shrinking the size of government and by evaluating the efficiency and relevance of all agencies and programs.
  • We must reform the budget process including greater transparency,ensuring dedicated fees and funds are used only for their defined purposes and enact zero based budgeting practices.

Securing Our Border

  • Border security is not just words, it’s action and results. Texas needs to take control of its own border since the Federal government has failed us
  • Stop the incentives to illegal immigration by enforcing existing laws, ending benefits to illegals, penalizing employers who don’t use E-Verify and allow law enforcement to check the legal status of detained individuals.
  • Elimination of Sanctuary Cities.
  • Stop human trafficking.
  • Support SB1252, the Interstate Compact for Border Security, that gives Texas and the other border states the power to enforce the law and protect our border.


  • Other than family and church, our education system is the most important influence on our children and is critical to the future of Texas.
  • Federal and State mandates, one size fits all and required testing are hurting our students and tying the hands of our teachers and administrators. We need to promote more local control of our schools and focus resources towards our teachers and students.
  • Choice in education is necessary to help those students that are not performing well and to strengthen those that are thriving in the public schools.

Ethics Reform

  • Term Limits are necessary.
  • No pensions for convicted felon lawmakers or Governors. Austin insiders should not make their own rules and handle their own enforcement. This just doesn’t make any sense.
  • We need strong independent ethics monitoring, that includes full disclosure of outside work and income for all elected officials and legislative leaders.

Pro Second Amendment

  • It seems that some in Austin are more concerned about giving rights to criminals than legal, law abiding citizens.
  • I support our Second Amendment and I am a licensed (FFL) to sell guns and ammunition in my Hardware Store.
  • Our constitutionally guaranteed right to keep and bear arms is consistently under attack. We must be proactive and fight back and focus resources to go after the real criminals.
  • We must not just defend our constitutional rights, but we must be proactive. We must support Constitutional Carry.

Protecting Life

  • There is nothing more important than the protection of innocent human life. I am solidly Pro-Life and I will proudly champion the cause as a legislator and as a proud father of four daughters.
  • In our state Capitol I will work to ensure that every life is protected including the disabled and elderly.
  • Life is precious, protecting innocent life is not simply a religious belief. We must work as a community to preserve and protect life, while making life an easier choice for those facing difficult circumstances.
  • Defund Planned Parenthood
  • Redirect funds that are currently being used by Planned Parenthood for abortions to instead expand funding for women’s health.
  • Provide support to our rural communities by funding other women’s health providers that do not perform abortions.

Religious Freedom

  • Our country was founded on Christian Principles which are clearly stated in our Constitution and in the writings of our founding fathers.We must never let foreign laws and legal doctrines such as Shariah law to infiltrate our legal system and our country.

Veterans Affairs

  • Honoring our Veterans, Military, Law Enforcement and First Responders with the benefits and recognition they have earned and deserve must be a lasting commitment by the State of Texas.
  • Providing meaningful employment to our veterans when they return is the first step in ending the scourge of veteran’s suicide.
  • With two daughters in the Navy, a father in law who is a 100% disabled veteran and a father who is a retired Army Colonel, Kyle has a strong commitment to our heroes.

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