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Happy New Year!

January 4, 2018

Happy New Year!

Barbi and I want to wish you a very Happy and Blessed New Year!  We are so grateful for your loyalty and support!

Two years ago when I launched my campaign, I said I would work hard to be a rock-solid conservative leader in the Texas House. With your input and support, we have shifted the debate in the Texas House and can be proud of major victories as conservatives:

Border Security, Illegal Immigration, & Sanctuary Cities:  I co-authored SB4, better known as the “Sanctuary Cities” bill and successfully fought to make the bill even stronger before it was delivered to Governor Abbott for his signature on May 7th.  This bill:

  • Strengthened state sovereignty through increased penalties and enforcement
  • Att. General, Ken Paxton, can now remove a violating public official
  • New grant program to offset costs for full immigration enforcement

Sanctity of Life:  I fought for and delivered several substantial pro-life victories, including:

  • Defunding Planned Parenthood, Statewide
  • Additional funding for health providers that do not perform abortions
  • Banned partial-birth abortions, dismemberment abortion and prohibited sale of fetal tissues and organs

Taxes and Spending:  I pushed for a conservative budget that helps working families:

  • Fought to pass meaningful property tax reform
  • Teachers retirement and healthcare programs received additional funds
  • Education funding that meets enrollment growth and does not skip/defer payments or borrow from the Rainy Day fund for ongoing expenses.

This district deserves and now has the 8th most conservative legislator in the State (out of 150) fighting for you every day! As a Founding Member of the Freedom Caucus:

  • I was recently named a “Courageous Conservative” by the Texas Conservative Coalition
  • Endorsed by Texans for Fiscal Responsibility
  • Endorsed by Texas Right to Life
  • Endorsed by Grassroots America – We the People
  • Endorsed by Texas Values

These grassroots endorsements are great, but I need your support! I have also fought hard on issues like water rights, funding for foster care and mental health, combating the opioid epidemic and education reform. Since being elected, I have worked hard to deliver for ALL of our communities.  Remaining accessible, I have hosted numerous roundtables and discussions, open to the public, to discuss the issues important to my constituents.  

Even though the legislative session is over, I remain  in constant contact with constituents like you. Through my Citizen Advisory Councils, I have been able to not only deliver on our shared, conservative issues but I have also worked on issues including local water rights, protecting the Alamo, TCEQ permitting regulation of rock quarries, and real solutions to combat rising property taxes.

The election is March 6th, less than 2 months away and the Austin establishment has found a go-along-get-along RINO to run against me. My opponent- a big supporter of both former State Rep. Doug Miller and Speaker Joe Straus-  will be doing all he can to end our conservative agenda.

We must not allow that to happen!

I am hoping you will make a contribution today of $5, $20, $50, $100, $250, $500 or $1,000!

It is imperative that I raise as much as possible by the next deadline so that I am able to properly staff my campaign, get our conservative message out to the voters and deliver for this great district.

You may make your donation today at www.KyleBiedermann.com/donate or by sending a check to:

Kyle Biedermann Campaign

1391 Arbor Ridge Road

Fredericksburg, TX 78624

A promise made during the campaign has become a promise kept as your Representative and if re-elected, I will continue to be that proven, rock solid conservative leader that you deserve!

Thank you, Happy New Year & God Bless Texas!

Kyle Biedermann

Cell (830)998-7111

P.S. – We look forward to the next few months and invite all who would like to be involved in my re-election campaign, or have questions to call me on my cell at (830)998-7111.

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