Conservative, Christian Republican Kyle Biedermann Announces Grassroots Bid For State Representative

September 19, 2015

Fredericksburg, TX ­­ Fredericksburg small business owner, Kyle Biedermann has publicly announced his plans to run for office in Texas. Kyle is pro­life, pro­second amendment, supports a more limited government and has been the owner of Biedermann’s Ace Hardware for 30 years. Kyle has built a successful business by listening to his customers needs and serving his community.

“I have been blessed to live in Texas for the past 30 years and I have been working as hard as I can to provide for my family and my community at Biedermann’s Ace Hardware in Fredericksburg,” said Kyle Biedermann. “We need a solid conservative and dutiful citizen legislator to protect us, not a career politician.”

As a Christian parishioner at Oak Hills Church in Fredericksburg and a conservative Republican, Kyle is entering the race for State Representative in district 73 covering Gillespie, Comal and Kendall counties.

As a small business owner Kyle know’s what it means to keep up with a payroll, take care of customers and to make ends meet and will not be swayed by the power brokers and the unethical influences in Austin.

“At the federal level, and in Texas, I have watched our already bloated government continue to over tax, over spend and rip away our God given freedoms. We need real conservative leadership in our capitol and this is exactly why I am dedicating myself to this run,” added Kyle.

Kyle’s campaign will be grassroots, positive and focused solely on the issues that affect the hardworking people in the Texas Hill Country. In the coming weeks, he will be unveiling positions and proposals addressing private property rights, rising property taxes, unfunded state mandates, over regulation and taxes on businesses, securing our border, protecting our water and our 2nd amendment rights.

“We must act now to keep Texas free and prosperous, and while there are no simple or easy answers, together we can accomplish great things,” said Kyle. “As the conservative grassroots candidate in the race, I will be heading door to door to meet as many of my fellow Texans as possible and looking forward to seeing ya’ll around town!”

Kyle has seven children with his wife Barbi and also three grandchildren.

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