Biedermann Writes Letter to Abbott on Alamo Cenotaph

June 4, 2020

Governor Abbott, 

I have sent multiple letters to your office about the Alamo Plan and have not not received a reply from you or your staff. As a member of the legislature I find this concerning. In the past few months, you have acted with excessive executive powers under the guise of COVID-19.  With that said, on the Alamo, your leadership has been nonexistent. Why do you refuse to stand for what is right and what many Texans including 97% of Republican primary voters agree on?  The Cenotaph, the Defenders empty tomb, should not be moved. Your immediate leadership is required. The people deserve a response from you especially now since the Texas Historical Commision is ready to approve the permit for the dismantling and relocation of the Cenotaph from the Alamo battlefield. This THC hearing on June 16 and 17 will be closed to public in person attendance and should not include this monumental and controversial permit application item. 

Many Texans and legislators have voiced their concerns over the Alamo Plan plan to you but you have remained silent. Even Lt. Governor Dan Patrick has said, “The job of oversight for this project is the responsibility of the General Land Office headed by Commissioner George P. Bush. It is evident to me that both the design, planning and execution of the project is badly off track.” He continued, “There is no disagreement that the Cenotaph needs repair, but there has been substantial disagreement on its final location. I have yet to hear a good explanation of why the Cenotaph must be moved”. He concludes,”This issue now seems to be settled.”  Yet despite countless concerns, the project is moving forward against the will of most Texans.

This issue is bigger than us, and needs to be addressed now. Your action and leadership is urgently needed. We must honor the defenders who shed their blood on this sacred ground for Texas independence. The proposed relocation is in the designated  “free speech zone” outside the Alamo battlefield footprint and that should be even more concerning considering the recent defacing of the Cenotaph.

Governor, put an end to the relocation of the Cenotaph and insist it be repaired where it stands. Don’t let your name go down in history as the one who let the most iconic event of Texas history take a backseat at the hands of historical revisionists.

Kyle Biedermann

State Representative
House District 73

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