Biedermann Writes Letter to Abbott on Alamo Cenotaph

June 4, 2020

Gov­er­nor Abbott, 

I have sent mul­ti­ple let­ters to your office about the Alamo Plan and have not not received a reply from you or your staff. As a mem­ber of the leg­is­la­ture I find this con­cern­ing. In the past few months, you have act­ed with exces­sive exec­u­tive pow­ers under the guise of COVID-19.  With that said, on the Alamo, your lead­er­ship has been nonex­is­tent. Why do you refuse to stand for what is right and what many Tex­ans includ­ing 97% of Repub­li­can pri­ma­ry vot­ers agree on?  The Ceno­taph, the Defend­ers emp­ty tomb, should not be moved. Your imme­di­ate lead­er­ship is required. The peo­ple deserve a response from you espe­cial­ly now since the Texas His­tor­i­cal Com­mi­sion is ready to approve the per­mit for the dis­man­tling and relo­ca­tion of the Ceno­taph from the Alamo bat­tle­field. This THC hear­ing on June 16 and 17 will be closed to pub­lic in per­son atten­dance and should not include this mon­u­men­tal and con­tro­ver­sial per­mit appli­ca­tion item. 

Many Tex­ans and leg­is­la­tors have voiced their con­cerns over the Alamo Plan plan to you but you have remained silent. Even Lt. Gov­er­nor Dan Patrick has said, “The job of over­sight for this project is the respon­si­bil­i­ty of the Gen­er­al Land Office head­ed by Com­mis­sion­er George P. Bush. It is evi­dent to me that both the design, plan­ning and exe­cu­tion of the project is bad­ly off track.” He con­tin­ued, “There is no dis­agree­ment that the Ceno­taph needs repair, but there has been sub­stan­tial dis­agree­ment on its final loca­tion. I have yet to hear a good expla­na­tion of why the Ceno­taph must be moved”. He concludes,”This issue now seems to be set­tled.”  Yet despite count­less con­cerns, the project is mov­ing for­ward against the will of most Texans.

This issue is big­ger than us, and needs to be addressed now. Your action and lead­er­ship is urgent­ly need­ed. We must hon­or the defend­ers who shed their blood on this sacred ground for Texas inde­pen­dence. The pro­posed relo­ca­tion is in the des­ig­nat­ed  “free speech zone” out­side the Alamo bat­tle­field foot­print and that should be even more con­cern­ing con­sid­er­ing the recent defac­ing of the Cenotaph.

Gov­er­nor, put an end to the relo­ca­tion of the Ceno­taph and insist it be repaired where it stands. Don’t let your name go down in his­to­ry as the one who let the most icon­ic event of Texas his­to­ry take a back­seat at the hands of his­tor­i­cal revisionists.

Kyle Bie­der­mann

State Rep­re­sen­ta­tive
House Dis­trict 73

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