September 28, 2020

AUSTIN, TX – Today, due to failed leadership of the General Land Office (GLO), Representative Kyle Biedermann (R- Fredericksburg) announced he will file legislation to guarantee that the Texas Legislature has oversight over the Alamo Plan including claiming eminent domain of the plaza owned by the City of San Antonio where the Cenotaph stands on the Alamo Battlefield.

The Texas Historical Commission (THC) denied the final permit needed to relocate the Cenotaph in an historic 12-2 vote. Biedermann, who has been deeply involved in the fight, said, “I could not stand idly by while there was an attempt to revise our Texas history. After three years of fighting, we are finally seeing momentum to protect the honor due to the brave defenders of the Alamo.” Biedermann stated.

This echoes what was reported by the San Antonio Express News, when Lt. Governor Dan Patrick conveyed that “the primary narrative must be the siege and battle of 1836 — ‘the most important 13 days in the history of Texas and Western civilization.’”

San Antonio Councilman Treviño, chair of the Alamo Management Committee, says that the Cenotaph must be moved to create a period-neutral plaza. Lt. Governor Patrick said in his testimony that Treviño wants to change and erase history and challenge the traditional Alamo narrative as folklore and bunk. The article also conveyed that Patrick said it is necessary for “next year’s legislative session to guide the project forward, remove amusement attractions on the plaza’s west side, and reconstruct and replicate features of the 1836 fort.” Biedermann added, “In order to accomplish this, the current politically correct Alamo Plan narrative of the Vision and Guiding Principles must be revisited.”

Legislators were told three years ago that the plaza where the Cenotaph stands was going to be conveyed to the State of Texas. In 2018, that was changed to a long term lease between Texas and the City of San Antonio without consulting the legislature. This lease should be terminated and the land conveyed to the State. General Land Office (GLO) Commissioner Bush has overseen this project for the State of Texas and his leadership has been lacking and non-transparent. He has had the final say on all decisions along with San Antonio Mayor Nerinburg.

“The city of San Antonio and the GLO have abused their authority, and it’s time for Texas to take back the entire Alamo Plaza through the power of eminent domain if necessary and the primary narrative should prioritize the battle for Texas Independence,” Biedermann concluded.

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