Biedermann Signs Letter to Abbott Asking To Allow More Restaurants To Open

July 17, 2020

Biedermann signed onto a letter with 49 colleagues in the in the Texas House and 14 in the Senate. The letter requests a clarification in the executive order that shut down restaurants with over 51% in alcohol sales.

“The Texas Restaurant Association estimates this confusion has closed over 1,500 restaurants and put 35,000 employees out of work, making them once again reliant on unemployment benefits to help make ends meet. To save our state’s resources and get Texans back to work, we ask you to clarify that any business with a license or permit from TABC is still a restaurant if it meets the following criteria and abides by the Minimum Standard Health Protocols for Restaurants:

  1. Has a permanent kitchen on its premises with an exhaust hood and fire suppression system;
  2. Has the kitchen operational during all hours that the business is open, with multiple entrees
    available for consumption on the premises; and
  3. Only serves patrons who are seated in accordance with the social distancing protocols for
    restaurants (aside from to-go and delivery service).

This definition provides clarity on some of the confusion many restaurant owners are facing and allows them to keep their doors open.”

The full letter can be read below:

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