Biedermann: A thorn in the side of political correctness

February 8, 2017

Kyle HeadshotAs a new Leg­is­la­tor, I have hit the ground run­ning.  My office has been work­ing hand in hand with the com­mu­ni­ty and statewide lead­ers to devel­op solu­tions on Bor­der Secu­ri­ty, Water, the Local Econ­o­my, Edu­ca­tion, Trans­porta­tion and more.

In a short peri­od of time we are hav­ing a tremen­dous impact and push­ing for­ward a num­ber of pol­i­cy pro­pos­als on the issues my con­stituents have told me are crit­i­cal. Dur­ing the cam­paign, bor­der secu­ri­ty and home­land secu­ri­ty were the #1 issues after I knocked on thou­sands of doors and talked with thou­sands of constituents. 

In order to fur­ther under­stand the threat of Rad­i­cal Islam­ic Ter­ror on our bor­der and beyond, I held a forum with Leg­is­la­tors and sub­ject mat­ter experts. The Fred­er­icks­burg Stan­dard News­pa­per took extreme objection.

After read­ing the dia­tribe penned by local Fred­er­icks­burg Stan­dard Edi­tor, Ken Esten Cooke, you would assume that the Edi­tor had attend­ed the forum, tak­en notes or reviewed the over 2 hours of taped tes­ti­mo­ny? He didn’t.  Accord­ing to Gallup, trust in America’s news orga­ni­za­tions has sunk to a new low. Sad­ly, we only need to open our local paper to see why.

While we invit­ed the paper they did not send a rep­re­sen­ta­tive, nor did the Edi­tor call any of the wit­ness­es or myself for first hand accounts. After all, why should this paper con­fuse a good sto­ry with the facts?  The lib­er­al Austin Amer­i­can States­man was there and gave this account:

“Rep. Kyle Bie­der­mann, who styles him­self a rock sol­id Repub­li­can con­ser­v­a­tive, held an impromp­tu and cor­dial meet­ing with more than a dozen Mus­lims in his Capi­tol office Tues­day afternoon.

Bie­der­mann insist­ed that no reli­gion was sin­gled out in the forum, a state­ment that was met with skep­ti­cism in the crowd­ed recep­tion area of his office. ‘The pur­pose is not for us to be mak­ing deter­mi­na­tions about your faith,’ he insist­ed. ‘We believe in reli­gious free­dom, we believe in human rights, we believe in civ­il rights, we believe in women’s rights. And as long as those are pro­tect­ed, then we’re on the same page and I am grate­ful that you are here.’

Told that many Mus­lims feel a rise in per­se­cu­tion, Bie­der­mann said he invit­ed Mus­lim lead­ers to attend his forum, but they chose not to participate.

Bie­der­mann also urged Mus­lims to speak out against rad­i­cal Islam­ic terrorism…” 

If a lib­er­al paper from Austin can take the time to do their home­work and take a more bal­anced approach, why not our own edi­tor Ken Cooke?  We should all strive to seek and report the facts. Polit­i­cal cor­rect­ness is not a  sub­sti­tute for truth.

On the top­ic of Bor­der Secu­ri­ty, our office has been extreme­ly vig­i­lant, as are our local law enforce­ment and TX DPS, and we will con­tin­ue to be so. We will not seek edi­to­r­i­al approval but will always do the right thing to keep Texas strong and safe. While we are blessed to live in the gor­geous Texas Hill Coun­try, we are still only hours from the U.S. — Mex­i­can border. 

After 8 years of a Pres­i­dent who refused to act and a Con­gress that treat­ed the bor­der like a polit­i­cal foot­ball, our South­ern Bor­der is a sieve that allows drugs, ille­gal guns, ille­gal aliens and yes, Ken Esten Cooke, ter­ror­ists to cross over freely. In fact, the U.S Bor­der patrol has wit­nessed and detailed accounts of tens of thou­sands, and some­times over 100,000 ille­gal aliens cross­ing the bor­der ille­gal­ly from coun­tries oth­er than Mex­i­co. That’s right, thou­sands of ille­gals cross­ing from coun­tries like, Chi­na, Syr­ia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran and others.

The pub­lic should have the right to truth from the press, and while the Edi­tor may have a more lib­er­al bent than the com­mu­ni­ty his paper serves, he should ful­fill a basic oblig­a­tion to his read­ers to report the facts. 

As your rep­re­sen­ta­tive my suc­cess is based on my  integri­ty, lis­ten­ing to my con­stituents and work­ing with my col­leagues in the leg­is­la­ture. This forum has opened up a pos­i­tive dia­logue with the mus­lim com­mu­ni­ty as well as my demo­c­rat col­leagues in the leg­is­la­ture to strength­en and ensure women’s rights, civ­il rights and reli­gious free­dom and to pro­tect us from any and all threats to our way of life. 

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