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Rep. Biedermann Introduces Hiring Freeze Bill

March 8, 2017

Austin, TX (03/09/2017) —  Today, Representative Kyle Biedermann (R- Fredericksburg) filed HB 3362, a piece of legislation proposing the enactment of a hiring freeze for non-essential government employees.

In his state of the state address, Governor Abbott himself called for an immediate hiring freeze on state agencies. Speaking to the full house, the governor said, “Just as families have to balance needs versus wants, so must we.”

The governor continued, stating, “We must cut spending in our current biennium to ensure we live within our budget. To accomplish that, I am today directing state agencies to impose an immediate hiring freeze through the end of August.”

Representative Biedermann, a strong proponent of a limited, responsible government, stated, “I agree with Governor Abbott. During a time of uncertainty in the Texas economy, it is fiscally responsible to enact a hiring freeze on nonessential government employees. Every dollar we spend needs to be spent efficiently, especially in this tight budget year. This is why I’ve called for a hiring freeze that would continue through the biennium.”

During the hiring freeze, a state agency may only fill a vacant position only if the agency first determines that the position is critically related to the agency’s ability to perform its core function and notify the governor and members of the legislature.

If passed, the hiring freeze on non-essential personnel effect through August 31, 2019.


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